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GraphQL implementation in Haskell

Simple Haskell CI/CD

This is the core library that provides:

  • Parser for the query and schema languages, as well as a printer for the query language (minimizer and pretty-printer).
  • Data structures to define a type system.
  • Executor (queries, mutations and subscriptions are supported).
  • Validation.
  • Introspection is work in progress.

For a more precise list of currently missing features and known limitations see issues.

GHC 9 and Aeson 2

Since JSON serialization support is not mandatory for GraphQL itself, current version optionally supports only Aeson 1. Aeson 2 support is provided by a companion library, graphql-spice. Aeson 1 build supports GHC 8, Aeson 2 build - GHC 9. The default build currently uses GHC 8 and Aeson 1, this will change soon, so GHC9 and Aeson 2 (with graphql-spice) build will be the default.

The version built can be changed with json flag passed to cabal. Run cabal build --flag=+json to build the old verison, or --flag=-json for the new one. --flag also works with other cabal commands like test. To choose the appropriate build in a project, cabal.project with the following contents can be used:

packages: .

constraints: graphql -jso


API documentation is available through Hackage.

Further documentation will be made available in the Wiki.